Affordable Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery patients - Passport MedicalAffordable Cosmetic Surgery, also known as plastic surgery or aesthetic surgery, as the name suggests, does not always involve surgical procedures as in the case of Botox injections or lip augmentation. Either way, the aim of cosmetic procedures is to enhance ones appearance towards a personal aesthetic ideal. The number of cosmetic surgeries in North America has increased over 50% in the last few years alone.

Affordable Cosmetic Surgery is one of the top choices for the medical tourist. As with all surgeries though, one should closely consider if this is right for you. Can you be away long enough to ensure a safe recovery? Will you be traveling with a companion?

Affordable Cosmetic Surgery Factors

There are several factors which may make a person travel for cosmetic surgery, including:

A Desire To Save Money

Tremendous savings can be realized with our partner facilities without compromising quality, often from 50 – 80%. Of course, price should never be the driving force in selecting a medical procedure, but when significant cost savings can be realized without sacrificing quality or safety, it should certainly be considered.

High Quality Physicians

It is natural to assume that if something is cheaper then it must be of lower quality, but this is simply not the case. In fact, Latin America is famous for its high quality cosmetic surgery, and the physicians in our network usually have US, Canadian, or European training or board certification. You will have the opportunity to inspect potential doctors’ credentials and talk to them before committing to a procedure. Keep in mind, aesthetics is a way of life in places like Latin America.

A More Personal Approach To Care

In North America it is common to feel like your doctors or nurses are rushing you in and rushing you out.  With many of our doctors, it is not uncommon for you to have their personal cell phone number or your nurses stay with you for long periods of time.  In addition, several of our facilities have their own 5* recovery facilities rivalling the best hotels.


Many patients report that discretion is an important reason for traveling for affordable cosmetic surgery. They often want to go on vacation and come back having had their tummy tuck or liposuction without anyone having known.

An Opportunity To Take Your Mind Off Treatment

As with all surgeries, some time will be needed to recover.  We would be happy to assist you in choosing an appropriate surgery retreat located in a relaxing and soothing environment.


Affordable Cosmetic Surgery Offered In

Average Costs

All prices are estimates only and can vary from patient to patient. Prices subject to change without notice.

Costa Rica
Potential Savings
Breast Implants
$10000 $8500 $3375 $4500 64%
Face Lift
$15000 $12000 $3375 $4000 76%
Tummy Tuck $10000 $10000 $5450 $5000 50%
Rhinoplasty $8000 $6000 $3150 $3500 60%
Liposuction $9000 $8000 $1000 +
$2500 78%