The following story goes into some inherent problems facing the Canadian healthcare system.  Although portrayed as a superior system to the US system by movies such as “Sicko”, by Michael Moore, many would disagree as wait times are rising quickly for necessary medical procedures, diminishing quality of life for many.  What can be done to fix a broken system?

Recently a report came out citing that in the next decade, the need for surgeries such as hip and knee replacements will rise an astounding 675% due to Canada’s aging baby boomer population.

Many will opt to travel to another country for medical treatment, or engage in “medical tourism” as it is often dubbed, rather than wait the 3-5 years that may be necessary, even if one has to pay out-of-pocket to enhance quality of life.  Although many already travel to the US for treatment, high costs often drive them to other countries such as Costa Rica and Taiwan.  In fact, there are several hospitals in Taiwan that more resemble 6* hotels than hospitals.  With US and Canadian trained doctors from prestigious institutions such as Harvard Medical School, UCLA, etc, and technology that domestic doctors would salivate over, business is booming for overseas doctors treating Canadians.  One recent patient with a particularly unique perspective on medical care, being that he is a dual Canadian / US citizen, and his wife is a British / Canadian citizen, commented that his overseas double knee replacement “was better care than he could have ever received in Canada, the US, or the UK.”

Passport Medical, North American’s leading medical travel company, has sent more than 800 patients abroad this past year for various medical procedures including CCSVI Liberation, hip and knee replacements, cardiovascular treatments, spine surgeries, IVF, and dental care.  As the winner of the “Excellence In Medical Tourism Facilitation Award” for 2011 at the 4th annual Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, they take pride in educating people about their medical choices.

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