Cosmetic Surgery From Calgary

Medical tourism, the act of going abroad for medical treatment and saving large sums of money is a growing phenomenon in Canada and The United States. For many, it is a new concept, but there are world-class hospitals and clinics located in the world’s major metropolitan centers. Fortunately, due to the different buying power of currencies, the Canadian dollar goes a long way in other countries. Medical tourism is a major emerging industry rising at a rate of 30% per year, and Costa Rica has some of the best plastic surgeons anywhere.

Why Are People Traveling For Plastic Surgery?

  • Cost Savings – they can save over 50%, even after airfare and accommodations;
  • High Quality Care – Costa Rica is called the Beverly Hills of Latin America with dozens of board certified, internationally trained surgeons;
  • Anonymity – Many travel for cosmetic surgery so they can have their treatment done in private;

Medical Tourism In The News


Costa Rica Healthcare

Costa Rica is a country with a renowned private medical system, one that ranks higher than the U.S. healthcare system by The World Health Organization (WHO) and on par with Canada. It is also very safe country with no standing army and with beautiful, relaxing surroundings.


Of all the procedures people are traveling to Costa Rica for, the majority are traveling for cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry. It is said that over 14% of all tourists to Costa Rica have some sort of cosmetics surgery or dental. It is often called “The Beverly Hills of Latin America” due to the high quality cosmetic surgeons. To find out why people are traveling for cosmetic surgery, and to see animations about different procedures, follow this link.

Passport Medical sent over 800 patients to Costa Rica for various medical procedures in 2011, is considered an industry leader, and was the winner of the award as top global medical tourism company in 2011. You can learn more about our accomplishments and media coverage here.

Popular Cosmetic Surgeons

Dr Joseph Cohen, The Rosentsock-Lieberman Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Costa RicaDr. Joseph Cohen is a cosmetic surgeon at the highly publicized Rosenstock Lieberman Center in San Jose, Costa Rica. He did much of his schooling in The United States and speaks excellent English. This center is considered an ‘editor’s pick’ by books on medical tourism as a top destination worldwide for cosmetic surgery.

Dr Cohen speaks English and Spanish.



Dr Rashi Rosenstock, The Rosenstock-Lieberman Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica

Dr Rashi Rosenstock is the partner of Dr. Joseph Cohen at The Rosenstock-Lieberman Center, and they often do surgery together. He trained at the world renowned Ivo Pitanguy Center in Brazil. Professor Pitanguy is considered a ‘father of cosmetic surgery’, and it is a very prestigious institute.

Dr Rosenstock speaks English and Spanish.



Calgary Costs And Packages

The following costs and packages are applicable from Calgary, Alberta. Packages estimates include:

  • Return airfare from Calgary(YVC) to San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO);
  • Airport transfers, pre-op transfers, surgery transfers, and 2 post-op transfers in a private vehicle;
  • The services of a Passport Medical concierge while in Costa Rica;
  • Pre-op and post-op consultations;
  • Medical fees, doctors’ fees, basic medication, and garment if applicable;
  • Hotel or surgery retreat accommodations based on the number of nights indicated;
  • We typically use the beautiful Hotel Bougainvillea for our hotel accommodations as it has a very large, beautiful, tranquil garden for healing post surgery. It also gets very high reviews from patients. Indicated packages includes daily breakfast.
  • If you choose the surgery retreat accommodations, we typically use Villa Le Mas which is run by an American, and it also gets very high ratings. There is nursing care on duty here, and rates include 3 meals per day.

All prices are estimates only and can vary from patient to patient. Prices subject to change without notice.

Procedure Recovery Nights
Complete Hotel Package
Surgery Retreat Package
Total Savings
Facelift 10 $5075 $5425 $5000
Mid/Lower Face/Neck Lift (“Turkey Neck”) 10 $5075 $5425 $5000
Breast Implants 8 $4945 $5195 $3500
Breast Reduction 8 $4925 $5195 $3500
Breast Lift 8 $5145 $5395 $4500
Breast Implants / Lift 8 $5425 $5675 $5200
Tummy Tuck (With Stomach Lipo) 10 $7175 $7495 $5000
Rhinoplasty 8 $4725 $4975 $3500
Blepharoplasty 6 $3050 $3195 $3000
Liposuction 7 Varies Varies $3000+