Dr. Juan Poveda (Cosmetic Surgeon – Costa Rica)

Dr. Juan Poveda | Passport MedicalDr. Juan Poveda was born in Panama City a January 21, 1967 where his studies of primary and secondary school and then moved to San Jose, Costa Rica where they complete their university studies in Medicine graduating with honors. In this country we study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery where he also manages to graduate with highest honors.

Throughout their training, until now, Dr. Xatruch Poveda has distinguished itself for its humanitarian aid, charisma and great teaching ability that have made him a great appreciation from the medical community in the region.

Dr. Juan Poveda Xatruch is always active, traveling to courses and rotations in many countries (USA, Italy, Argentina, Brazil), which is always updated and trying to bring the latest techniques of the specialty. Through this we can say that was the pioneer in the technique known as Smartlipo body remodeling or laserlipolisis, which has become a point of reference for colleagues who share their experiences through lectures and training to other doctors in the region. It is also an active member of the Costa Rican Association of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Juan Poveda Xatruch frequently writes articles in beauty magazines and newspapers in the country.  He was recently featured in an article in Medical Tourism magazine.

Married to Dr. Evelyn Garro Obaldia anesthesiologist who also is her make a team 24 hours a day which has been the key to its current success as not only share in their profession but also in caring for their two beautiful girls and their home.

In his spare time Dr. Juan Poveda is a lover of motorsports racing and therefore actively practicing this discipline through his, “Drs Racing Team


Name: Juan Ramón Poveda Xatruch.
Date of birth: January 21 1967.
Birthplace: Panama, Republic of Panama.
Age: 47 years.
Civil state: Married
Identification: 8-079-859

Telephones: (506) 258-1362 / 258-5185 / 258-9533, fax: 537-1147 (clinic) (506) 283-2626 (pager).
Post Office box: 728-1002 San José, Costa Rica.

Work: Service of Reconstructive Surgery
Hospital Dr. Rafael A. Calderon Guardia


Primary: Colegio Javier, Panama. 1973-1978
Secondary: Pedagogic institute (Panama); Secondary school Dr. José Maria Castro
Madriz, Costa Rica. 1979-1983.
University student: Autonomous university of Central America, Costa Rica.
1985-1989. Title: Doctor in Medicine.
University of Costa Rica. 1994-1999.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. (Graduation of Honor).


1. Professor Ad-honorem of the Class of Surgery (Autonomous School of Medical Sciences of Central America) of the Hospital San Juan of God 1995-1996.
2. Doctors’ training, nurses, social and personal workers of the area of health in 1997. Association Pro – he/she helps the burnt boy.
3. Course of the burnt patient’s integral attention. Personal from Hospital Dr. R.A.Calderon G. May of 1997.
4. Treatment of the wounds of soft parts. Hospital Dr. R.A.Calderon G. Julio 1997.
5. Study of wounds for General Doctors. associate of Doctors and Surgeons from Costa Rica. August of 1999.
6. Enclosed professor of the class of Surgery of the SPANISH AMERICAN University
7. Regular professor of The class of Reconstructive Surgery of the Ibero-American university (UNIBE).
8. Professor Ad Honorem of the class of Surgery of the University of Costa Rica


1. Protocol of speeded up clinical History and systematized of the patient traumatized in the service of surgical emergencies of the Hospital San Juan of God. 1994
2. Fasciitis Necrotizante in the Hospital San Juan de Dios: Analysis of cases of the period 1989-1995 and revision of the literature. 1995
3. Reconstruction of the Member Inferior.1996
4. Upgrade in Melanoma Malicious. 1997
5. Elevation of Brows and Front. 1998


1. I peeling course with Glicolic acid. San José, Costa Rica. August 30 1997.
2. I shop of Facial Trauma. San José, Costa Rica. 1 and 2 of December of 1997.
3. Course of Upgrade in Plastic Surgery. San José, Costa Rica. 4,5 and 6 of June of 1998.
4. I study of Facial Aesthetics and Corporal Contour. San José, Costa Rica. July 30 at August 1 1998.
5. X International Course of Aesthetic Surgery. San Andrés, Colombia. 26 at August 29 1998.
6. III course of Aesthetic Surgery. San José, Costa Rica. Year 2000.
7. IV course of Aesthetic Surgery. San José, Costa Rica. Year 2000.
8. LXII National Medical Congress. San José, Costa Rica. November 27 at December 1 the 2000.
9. III National Congress of Plastic Surgery. San José, Costa Rica. November 26 at December 1 the 2000.
10. Course of Surgery of the Hand (FILACP). San José, Costa Rica. December 1 2000.
11. Course of Mammary Reconstruction Post-Cancer (FILACP). San José, Costa Rica. December 1 2000.
12. XIV congress of the Ibero-American federation of Plastic Surgery. Cancun. 8-12 October of the 2002.
13. Breast Surgery Symposium. Atlanta. January 2003.
14. study International of Wound healing. Mexico, March 2003.
15. IV Central American Congress and of the caribe of Plastic Surgery Reconstructive and Aesthetics, Costa Rica. 18-21 June 2003.
16. First study AO Central American Skull – Maxilofacial, Costa Rica October 30-31 and 1 of November of the 2003.


It visits in the month of January of the 2003 in quality of Foreign Scholars Program (foreign scholarship holders’ program) to the congress of Breast Surgery in Atlanta and then visit to the Service of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive of the University of Alabama (Birmingham) with the Dr. Luis O. Vásconez.


Active member of the Costa Rican Association of Plastic Surgery Reconstructive and Aesthetics.
Active member of the Federation Iberian Latin American of Plastic Surgery.
Former-vice-president of the Costa Rican Society of Plastic Surgery Reconstructive and AestheticsFormer treasurer of the Costa Rican Society of Plastic Surgery Reconstructive and Aesthetics
At the moment Vice-President of the Costa Rican Society of Plastic Surgery Reconstructive and Aesthetics

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