Dr. Martha Patricia Panama (Cosmetic Surgeon – Cancun)

Academic dataDr. Patricia Panama Flores (Cosmetic Surgeon - Cancun)

  • 1997-2002 Medical career College of medicine I.P.N.
  • Boarding school of undergraduate July 2002 – June 2003 in 4 HGZ IMSS Celaya, Guanajuato
  • August 2003 July 2004 Social service research, laboratory of Pharmacology. Section for postgraduate studies and research of the higher school of medicine I.P.N.
  • Title 12032
  • Specialty surgery General Hospital South Central High specialty. PEMEX Picacho
  • Subspecialty cosmetic plastic surgery and Reconstructive South Central High specialty Hospital
  • Fellowship aesthetic surgery Dr. Jose Telich Vidal. Hospital Angeles del Pedregal recognition by La Salle University

Activities in research

  • Participation in the following projects:
  • Characterization on the pharmacokinetics of theophylline in asthmatic patients, Mexican
  • Under the direction of the Dr. Francisco Javier Flores Murrieta
  • Characterization of the relationship between the pharmacokinetics and the anti-inflammatory effect of tolmetin in rats
  • Under the direction of the Dr. Francisco Javier Flores Murrieta
  • Alterations of the functions of the endothelium and vascular smooth muscle during the development of the
  • Under the direction of Dr. Enrique F. Castillo Henkel.

Special recognitions

Career in medicine

  • June 1999 student tutor at the Academy of medical informatics
  • October 1999 Seminar: Nutrition clinic in infectious diseases
  • May 2000 assistance IV Scientific Congress Mexican medical students
  • June 2001 attendance at the 2nd course of Coloproctology for the clinical doctorGetFreeQuote
  • October 2003 V Congress of research in medicine and VIII National Congress of the Association of alumni of the ESM
  • January-June 2004 refresher course medical continuous Salle La
  • May 2004 course theoretical practical update on asthma


  • March 2006 assistance 5th Congress Urogolfo, Villahermosa Tabasco
  • May 2006 XV International Congress of endoscopic surgery assistance
  • 4th course of endoscopic surgery on wheels
  • October 2006 participation in the first day of Colorectal Cancer
  • November 2006 work poster in XXX International Congress of Surgery General Jorge Cervantes
  • Gistoma resection with esophagus jejunum anastomosis
  • Zencker Meckel with endoscopic control
  • Complications of esophageal Instrumentation: case report and review of the literature
  • April 2007 assistance VXI International Congress of endoscopic surgery and free workplace poster presentation
  • Experience of cholecystectomy laparoscopic performed by medical residents
  • Endoscopic Abdominoplasty an alternative for the management of diastasis recti abdominal
  • Important technical points on experience in the HCSAE, laparoscopic Splenectomy
  • Treatment of rectal prolapse Ripstein surgery by laparoscopy
  • June 2007 UNAM hand surgical anatomy course
  • April 2008 attendance at the XVII International Congress of endoscopic surgery
  • Presentation of free Oral job
  • Laparoscopic Radical nephrectomy: Surgical management
  • August 2008 III Iberoamerican Congress of Pediatric Surgery
  • Free oral job
  • Employment of Surgisis and surgical sealant in post-traumatic intestinal fistula

Specialty thesis 

  • Experience the use of Sorafenib in patients with liver Cancer locally advanced in the service of Oncology Hospital Central South of highly specialized in the period from January 2007 – December 2008
  • Out of Surgery General February 2009
  • Title of Surgery General professional exam February 28, 2009. Title issued July 2011


  • October 2009 first workshop of Auricular reconstruction assistance in the Secretariat of Navy, Navy of Mexico
  • September 2009 course AOCMF principles CMF and Pediatrics seminar at the National Institute of Pediatrics.
  • October 2010-13th International Course on Perforator Flaps in Hospital Angeles del Pedregal
  • January 2011 course national theoretical foundations and updating in plastic surgery and Reconstructive
  • May 2011 XLII National Congress Mexican Association of plastic surgery, cosmetic and Reconstructive AC
  • June 2011 1st. International Symposium of the National Center for research and care of burns.
  • July 2011 Course workshop specializing in hand surgery. In the University Panamaericana School of medicine and the Europeso Institute of Hand surgery
  • August 2011 VII course workshop international of surgery of the contour body of the Doctor Rafael Vergara Calleros. Guadalajara.
  • September 2011 campaign Operation Smile Tlaxcala, tlaxcala
  • III International Symposium on body contouring, CD. Mexico December.

Thesis subspecialty 

  • Effect of carboxymethylcellulose, oxide polyethylene, calcium chloride and chloride of sodium in the formation of capsule in implant of silicone in rodents quasi-experimental study
  • March 2012 to date partner in women in TVC television program the doctor section. Thursday 10 am
  • March 2012-February 2012 Fellowship in surgery esthetics Hospital Angeles del Pedregal in charge of Dr. José Telich Vidal. With recognition of La Salle University.
  • January 2013 fundamentals course in plastic surgery carried just by the ACMPER
  • Certification by Mexican Board of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. NUM certification 1648
  • Member active Mexican Association of plastic surgery www.cirugiaplastica.org
  • Member of the Ibero-American Federation of surgery plastic IFPS.
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