Dr. Vijay Bose (India)

Dr. Vijay Bose - IndiaDr Bose is a renowned orthopedic surgeon practicing at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, India, a JCI accredited hospital and the flagship hospital of India’s largest and most famous private hospital group.  In addition to joint replacement, he is a recognized global expert in the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure, having worked closely with its inventors Dr. Derek McMinn and Dr. Ronan Treacy, in the United Kingdom.   Dr. Bose has treated over 800 North American patients and many star athletes of soccer, golf, tennis, and other sports. Dr. Bose has performed the 5th most hip resurfacing procedures worldwide.  As a unit, his team treats approximately 15 American and Canadian patients per month, more than any other in India.  Dr. Bose has been featured in a great deal of national and international news.  This hospital and doctor is considered a global ‘best bet’ for orthopedic surgery by independent publications on medical tourism such as Patients Beyond Borders.