Anyone not familiar with healthcare outside the U.S. may have concerns with the quality, expertise, use of technology, and cost of healthcare services offered outside the U.S.  Regarding dental care I can say the services rendered by Dr. Zapata and her team is the best dental care my wife and I have received anywhere, and we have lived in the major cities in the eastern United States and have traveled widely during the past thirty-five years.

The total cost for the trip and our dental treatments would have been twice the prices in the States.  The solutions suggested by Dr. Zapata saved one tooth extraction and two crowns when compared to the solution offered by my U.S. dentist.  Dr. Zapata also found an answer to a problem my wife has had for years.  That kind of expertise reflects years of educational effort Costa Rica has obviously invested in their healthcare employees staffing their medical tourism industry.  Products and materials used are the same as those used in the U.S.  The difference is that U.S. healthcare providers charge exorbitant fees for the same services available in Costa Rica for much less.

Any confusion, problems, or questions will be answered for you by an English speaking assigned International Department services representative at the hospital.  Their job is to make your visit as easy and as comfortable as possible.  In other words, you will have a personal concierge to assist and to guide you through any need or question no matter how small.

If you are looking for an alternative solution for all or part of your medical care, if you are without health insurance as are me and my wife, try what many of us are discovering: excellent and affordable healthcare solutions can be found at the end of a plane ticket to San Jose, Costa Rica.