Hip and Knee Replacement Cost in Costa Rica


hip replacement costQuality of treatment, affordable hip and knee replacement cost with great savings and a delightful travel experience are the three qualities that sum up what travelling to Costa Rica for orthopedic surgery means. Hip replacements and and knee replacements can be quite an expensive surgery in certain countries but Costa Rica is not one of them. On the contrary, this country has come to be identified as a centre of excellence in terms of quality and cost of hip and knee replacement surgery.

Allowing a reputable and accredited medical tourism company to take charge of your travel to Costa Rica is very advantageous. Hip and Knee Replacement Center a Division of Passport Medical is one such competent company and it aims to provide you with essential services as you prepare and receive hip and knee replacement surgery. Therefore, what is included in your travel plans consists of a number of services. Firstly, the patient receives accurate information on where exactly in Costa Rica they will find treatment and whatever other information they would like to know about their destination. Secondly, the patient also gets informed about service providers and even initiate direct contacts with them if the patient so desires. Hip and Knee Replacement Center stands in the gap to co-ordinate the whole experience and further does this by organizing for airport pickup, accommodation bookings and even flight coordination if the patient wants it that way.

The rising trend of medical tourists’ influx into Costa Rica (mainly from North America) is a true reflection of the benefits of seeking treatment specifically in Costa Rica. Not only is the country safe but it also meets international standards of healthcare being rated as having one of the best healthcare systems, worldwide by the World Health Organization.

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