All is well and we are enjoying Costa Rica for a few more days.  Tomorrow we will take a tour to the volcano, plantation and water falls, and are very much looking forward to it!

I must say that the procedure was not painful as I expected, but very long and difficult–after many years of dental trauma that will never go away I will always have  great fear and anxiety, and this was no different–except that it was 2 1/2 hours of trembling.  As I said, he did manage the pain part perfectly–it was definitely the internal stress that made it so challenging.

All that being said, Dr. Barrantes is positively wonderful and seems to make it his personal responsibilty that we are comfortable and have a pleasant experience–far beyond the dental office visits.  He even came to meet us last night bringing us a gift basket with some wonderful local coffee and other local treats–nuts, cookies, etc.  He sat and had a cup of coffee with us and it was a pleasure to get to know him.  He has chosen the perfect profession for his personality, and we are grateful that he is part of this experience.  His entire team works so well together–from his brother who picked us up at the airport and his office staff, implantologist, periodontist–absolutely everyone!

He calls regularly to check up on me and is genuinely concerned about my well-being and I trust him greatly to provide the very best of care until this treatment is completed in late June or early July.

I’ll let you know how the rest of the trip goes, but I can’t imagine being anything but satisfied.  Thank you for all you have done.