Medical Staff in IndiaOver half a million people travel abroad to receive medical treatment every year from the US. The travel of patients for the purpose of receiving quality medical treatment at an affordable price is known as medical tourism. One of the foremost reasons behind the growth of the medical tourism industry is the ever-increasing number of uninsured patients in industrialized countries. Although there are numerous medical destinations worldwide, some Asian countries like India, Singapore and Thailand have claimed leadership, attracting thousands of patients every year.

Amongst the Asian countries, India has seen the largest growth in medical tourism.. According to recent surveys, the medical tourism industry in India is likely to witness a 30 percent growth per annum, making it a billion dollar industry.  Medical tourism in India continues to grow by the day. The question is why India?

India is not only full of countless tourist attractions but has also developed an impeccable healthcare infrastructure. In India, medical tourists feel welcome and comfortable due to the hospitality of the people while receiving treatment at par with international standards. The high-quality medical care provided by one of the world’s most competent physicians, coupled with the extremely low and affordable price of treatment in the country, has made it almost impossible to ignore India when thinking about medical tourism. For more information about the affordable cost of healthcare in India contact Passport Medical, America’s principal Medical Tourism Agency.   Passport Medical helps patients receive affordable and reliable healthcare alternatives worldwide.