Medical Tourism Destinations

Passport Medical is a medical tourism provider with offices in Canada and the U.S.. We partner with world-class, medical tourism destinations, Joint Commission International (JCI) certified hospitals and clinics that provide high quality medical and dental care. We work closely with our partners to ensure you receive high quality medical care at a fraction of the price you would pay at home.

Medical Tourism Destinations

Flag of Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is massively popular with American medical tourists. Costa Rica disbanded the military in 1980 because of the safety and stability of the country. This makes people feel safe about visiting the country, but it also freed up billions of dollars to spend on education on healthcare. For that reason Costa Rica now has one of the best, and most efficient health sectors in the world. Of the top medical tourism destinations Costa Rica is also among the cheapest for procedures, which makes it very popular with medical tourists from around the world including the UK.

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Flag of MexicoCancun

Cancun Medical Tourism is a fast growing medical tourism destinations. Originally known as a dental and cosmetic surgery destination, Cancun now offers high quality hospitals and medical clinics for many other procedures. This growth is due to an increase in medical tourism and middle class Mexicans seeking private health care. Private hospitals are similar in quality to those in the United States. Major cost savings for both procedures and travel are available when seeking treatment in Cancun.

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Flag of PanamaPanama

Panama is a popular medical tourism destinations with American medical tourists. Its economy grew by an average 10% every year for the last few years, and a lot of this increased revenue was invested in improving the infrastructure, including the health service. Now Panama has an excellent health service and — despite the dollarized economy — surgery is still cheaper than America.

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Although Taiwan falls into an unusual designation as it is often debated whether it is a true country or not, one thing is for sure, it has world-class medical care.  The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) actually ranked Taiwan healthcare as the second best system in the world based on 27 metrics, second only to Sweden. In addition, it is a model often studied by countries like the United States because its efficiency in its healthcare system is the best in the world and four times greater than the American system.  Taiwan has 12 hospitals accredited by The Joint Commission International (JCI) and is aggressively courting North American medical tourists with some of the best prices on orthopedic surgery in the world.  One of the country’s specialties is orthopedic surgery with many highly skilled surgeons.  In fact, most Taiwanese surgeons study abroad, some at top US institutions.

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The extremely low cost of healthcare is not the only driving force for medical travel to India. The level of healthcare service in the leading hospitals and medical centers is equivalent to Western countries like the US, Canada, and the UK and superior to most Asian countries. Patients from Western countries who are treated in hospitals accredited by The Joint Commission International (JCI) will experience high standard of care by physicians usually trained in Western countries like the UK.

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