Pacific Dental Clinic

Pacific Dental Clinic, PanamaPacific Dental Clinic is a new dental office located on the first floor of the recently inaugurated Hospital Punta Pacìfica (affiliated with John Hopkins International). Owners Dr. Gloria Ho, Dr. Ginette Nùñez and Dr. Monica Shedden are highly educated and licensed specialists in Orthodontics, Periodontics and Implant Dentistry who with a qualified team of specialized dentists in other different branches of Dentistry work together as a multidisciplinary team to provide a complete treatment plan. You should allow time for you to ask questions about ways to improve your oral health.Your complete medical and oral health history, including thorough head and neck examinations, should be a part of your initial visit to Pacific Dental Clinic. You should be told about the exam results and recommended treatment (if any) as well as costs before treatment is started. We offer General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics (straightening of teeth), Periodontics (treatment of gum disease, plastic surgery for the gums, etc), Implant Dentistry, Prosthodontics (replacement of missing teeth by prostheses such as dentures, bridges and dental implants), Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Endodontics (root canal therapy), Kids Dentistry, Reconstructive (restoration of existing teeth) and Preventive Dentistry all in our office surrounded by a warm and relaxing environment.
ODoctors at the Pacific Dental Clinic, Panamaur multidisciplinary team of dentists regularly attend seminars and training courses to stay abreast of the most recent advances in dentistry. We use the highest standard of care available and the most advanced techniques and materials in dental industry to provide the most effective means of correcting any dental defect or disease.

As we are concerned in protecting your health, we comply with OSHA infection control measures in order to create a safe working environment for you and our personnel.

As a premier full-service dental practice, our philosophy is to provide comprehensive, specialized and personalized dental care to people who appreciate efficiency and comfort.

If you are moving to Panama you will eventually need to go to a dental office. Sometimes it is not easy to establish a new patient/doctor relationship in a foreign country. We are sure that in our office you will find the best attention you need because our practice is based on honesty and vocation. If you are in Panama on vacation, you can have your dental work done while visiting Panama as a tourist and take advantage of the reduced costs.

Our team will be very pleased to welcome you at Pacific Dental Clinic, making your visit to the dentist a pleasant and satisfying experience by offering you the best of ourselves as skilful dental care professionals.Pacific Dental Clinic at the Hospital Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama

At Pacific Dental Clinic we combine ethics, science, gentle service and excellence to make you happy.

At Pacific Dental Clinic we enjoy the art of creating beautiful smiles!!! Please visit us at and find more about us. Recent treatments available:

Zoom Whitening System – 1 hour professional whitening system. This is a scientifically advanced, patent pending, tooth whitening procedure. It’s safe, effective and very fast. In less than an hour your teeth will become dramatically whiter. This procedure is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results.