Medical Tourism in TaiwanTaiwan is a relatively new player in the global healthcare market, but it is quickly becoming one of the leading destinations for high quality and affordable healthcare.  As one of the closest destinations in Asia, Taiwan is an easy destination for North Americans with direct flights from many major cities.  The ‘economic miracle’ of the last 50 years has propelled Taiwan to a modern, industrial powerhouse.   With a love for western pastimes like baseball and basketball, North Americans would be encouraged to consider Taiwan for their affordable healthcare.

Taiwan also has a definite pension for preventative medicine as can be seen in its love affair with healing thermal springs, traditional Chinese medicine, and other alternative therapies.

Medical Tourism in Taiwan

  • With some of the very best medical technology available in the world, healthcare facilities accredited to the highest level, certain healthcare facilities offering incredible amenities for patients, and costs as much as 80% less than in the United States, Taiwan is a very attractive medical destination;
  • Taiwan already attracts tens of thousands of medical tourists from Japan and mainland China to its high quality facilities, and it is now aggressively courting North Americans;
  • According to a 2002 survey by The World Health Organization (WHO), Taiwan ranks 6th globally and first in Asia in terms of healthcare quality;
  • According to The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Taiwan ranks second only to Sweden in worldwide healthcare quality;
  • Medical facilities continually strive for improved standards and accreditations as hospitals are subsidized based on accreditation level, while the public perception is that improved accreditations equates to better service;
  • Taiwan has 12 hospitals accredited by The Joint Commission International, the gold standard in international healthcare, and the international arm of the same organization that accredits 18,000 US health facilities;

Money And Paying For Things

  • The currency is The New Taiwanese Dollar (NT);
  • Credit cards are widely accepted in Taiwan;
  • ATM’s are prevalent in major cities;

Travel Considerations

  • US and Canadian residents do not need a visa to enter Taiwan for up to 90 days;
  • You do require a valid passport with at least 1 blank visa page and an expiration date greater than 30 days from your entry date;
  • A prepaid return airline ticket to leave the country is required;
  • The main airport for entry is Taiwan Taoyuan International  Airport (TPE);

Top Quality Medical facilities In Taiwan

  • Chang Bing Show Chwan Hospital

Procedures Available in Taiwan