The aging population in the United States is facing a perfect storm with a collision of economics and healthcare.  Many people are living with pain due to lack of affordable healthcare and being underinsured or having no insurance at all.

It is a difficult position to be faced with as medical procedure costs skyrocket and economic stability decreases.  A person in the United States that needs a knee replacement and has no insurance is often looking at a bill of nearly $50,000.  Contrast that to $7500 in one of Taiwan’s premier hospitals for orthopedic procedures, and one may begin to look elsewhere.  What about the quality of overseas hospitals?  The same hospital is listed by an independent publication on medical travel as an ‘editor’s choice’ as a top global hospital for orthopedic procedures.  US trained physicians are the norm, and the hospital and recovery facilities look more like a 5* hotel than a hospital.  Overseas hospitals are using their high quality, low cost, and superior facilities to encourage Americans in need of many different medical procedures, and the number traveling is growing at a rate of 30% per year.

Medical Tourism is an excellent option for people to access timely, affordable healthcare with savings up to 80%.  Many countries are leaders in overseas healthcare including Taiwan, Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico with most hospitals attracting medical tourists having been accredited by The Joint Commission International, the gold standard in international healthcare.

Passport Medical, North America’s leading medical travel company and winner of the 2011 “Excellence In Medical Tourism Facilitation Award” at the 4th annual Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, has organized over 800 overseas medical procedures this year in areas such as orthopedics, cardiovascular, oncology, ophthalmology, dental, and weight loss.  To learn more about affordable overseas healthcare options, contact Passport Medical at 1 (800) 721-4445 or at