Clinica Biblica, CCSVI Costa Rica

Clinica Biblica

The next morning Lilly and I were off to the hospital. Scared and unsure we were admitted to Clinica Biblica.

What an amazing and beautiful hospital. The staff were amazing. Lilly and I were taken to different rooms and I have never in my life seen a Hospital Room so clean, so big, that you could even eat off the floor.

Next it was off for pre op testes, ekg’s and blood work. Every step the way Gloriana Gomez from the international department was by my side. What an amazing, caring woman. Then the time had come for myself to be wheeled down to the operating room. Brad and Gloriana could only go so far and had to leave me.

With tears rolling down Brad’s face he leaned over and gave me a kiss and told me that he loved me. I told him to stop crying because he was going to make me cry. So off I went. While waiting to go into the OR, Dr Fallas came up to me and said “We are going to have fun”.

CCSVI Treatment Room in Clinica Biblica, CCSVI Costa Rica

My Beautiful Room in Clinica Biblica

I was then wheeled into the OR and was asked by the anaesthesiologist if I wanted to be lightly sedated or knocked out. My response, “Knock me the hell out. I do not want to remember a thing”. “Ok” he said. And that was the last thing I remember till I was being wheeled back to my room. As I was waking up I kept saying “Where is my Lilly?” She was to go in next and I wanted to make sure she was ok. Big sister has to look after her little sister.

Operating Room at CCSVI Costa Rica

This is the OR

Back in my room I woke up with this unexplainable rush of energy and the overwhelming urge to pee. I asked Brad to go and get the nurse. Well I thought while I am waiting I might as well stand up. Well the nurse came in and said no, no you need to pee in this. She tried to hand me a bed pan. My response, ummmmmmm no I am standing I am peeing in the toilet. So she walked me to the bathroom. For the first time in over 5 years I emptied my bladder. Complete empty. WOW.

Back in bed and a little more awake, I asked Brad how many blockages? Sharlene he replied you had 4. Both jugulars, my veritable vein behind my head and my Azygos vein behind my heart. No wonder my chest hurt. As Brad wanted to sleep and me with this overwhelming new energy all I wanted to do was talk. Finally Brad said “Sharlene go to bed.”

The Liberation Girls


Liberation Girls - CCSVI Costa Rica

Myself, Charmaine, Donna, Karla and my little sister Lilly

I was discharged from the hospital the next afternoon. Back to the hotel we went to rest and get ready for full on physio. The next day Charmaine and Diane would go for their treatment. However, Diane was unable to get hers because she ended with a bacterial infection. Close to death as she put it, she was not going to go down like that. She fought got better and got her treatment. And when her and her mom came back We all were out there giving her the “Diane Wave”. I think over two weeks I must have taken 3 boxes of Kleenex from my cleaning ladies cart. Many tears of joy were shed every time someone came back from the hospital. So when our first group was all “Liberated” We took a group picture and we were called the Liberation Girls.