Every day there were new people arriving, new people to welcome and new people to become part of our family. David and Caroline, Helen, the list goes on and on.

The only way to express the feeling that we all were experiencing, is that we all were in our own little “Liberation World” A Costa Rican Bubble. Nothing mattered except us. No worries, not a care in the world it was just us. The feeling that this was “Home” to us, and we were all a big dysfunctional MS family. We understood each other’s feelings, each others hopes and dreams.

Diane and Karla at the CCSVI Costa Rica

Diane helping Karla with a headache

Whether it was sitting in our meeting room, singing songs with Jack, by the pool, talking, laughing and crying. It was ok. Creating secrete codes so each other knew what we were talking about was fun. “Wet Birds don’t fly at dark”, “10 4 rubber ducky”. “The ship is loaded and ready for take off” Some may say we were crazy, but we knew what we were talking about. Being a rum runner for someone that just needed to relax from a long flight. No prob, that is what we did for each other. Also giving a helping hand to someone that did not have the strength that day.

We all knew that our time together was going to come to an end at some point, but I know I was not looking forward to saying good bye. Leaving my new family and forever friends was going to be very hard. Personally I could have stayed there forever.

Bard and Sharlene - CCSVI Patient

Brad and Sharlene (Me)

With three day before we were due to leave, Brad and I with members of our “New” family all joined in the garden where Brad and I renewed our vows. Leaving the past behind us and looking forward to the future. We pledged our love to one another. Promised that the next 8 years were going to be amazing. Better then the first. The rings we exchanged had three diamonds. It represented the past, present and our future.

That night we had a traditional Costa Rican BBQ. We all gathered in this hut hidden in the garden. Even though some could speak very little English. We all were able to communicate our thoughts and feelings. Jack singing and all of us laughing and enjoying each others company. Then when the hotel needed to get the room ready for a meeting we took our party to the lobby were Jack continued to sing well into the morning. It was fun as we all sang along with him and celebrated our journey to Liberation and a new life.