Passport Medical’s Refund Policy

There are 3 major components in coordinating a Medical Tourism Trip.  Please read the information below in regards to our medical tourism refund policy carefully to understand the refund process for each of these components.

Airline Ticketing: Passport Medical does not purchase airline tickets or arrange flights.   We will put you in contact with a Certified Travel Agent to assist you in purchasing your airline ticket so that it coordinates with your all encompassing land services and procedures requirements.  A Certified Travel Agent will go directly to the Internet and search all of the Discount Brokers, and when they find the best rate, at the best times for you, they will reserve that flight and contact you for authorization.  They will then purchase that ticketing on your behalf, using your credit card information.

Because we are not directly involved in booking your airline travel, you must contact your booking agent or airline to determine the refund policy for this portion of your trip.   You’re also free to purchase these yourself if you so desire.

Surgical or Medical Procedure: Passport Medical has acted as a facilitator in providing you our list of qualified providers from around the world. You have made the choice of facilities and physicians and we have put you and your primary care physician (or some local follow-up care physician that you will use) in contact and communication with each other. You will transfer all information and make all medical and procedural requirements directly with that facility. We have to be aware of the details of the procedure’s so that we can schedule your travel program around those plans.  Any claims relating to the procedures, are the responsibility of the provider.  Note: ALL of the providers in our Network are “world class” accredited and qualified facilities.  Any refund’s will be at the discretion of the facility depending on time of cancellation or if there are extenuating circumstances.

Your relationship with Passport Medical…   Once we have been given all of the scheduled date requirements for your pre-surgery and post-surgery, the travel agent will schedule your flight (as above) around those dates and times. We then deal with all passport and visa requirements, set up all airport, hotel, and other transportation requirements with a private car and driver service.  We have transportation standing by and we confirm all medical and surgical appointments.

Prior to your departure, you will receive your itinerary with all of the planned details, transportation, and services. Should you require additional services, hotel nights, transportation, or anything, you can phone us at Passport Medical Headquarters and we can add those services to your land cost at our discount prices.

Purchased separately, or individually, these services would cost considerably more, as we have ongoing relationships with these providers, which assures we are getting the best prices, and you are getting the best services available.

We at Passport Medical look forward to exceeding your expectations so we are YOUR TICKET TO HEALTH!!!