What Is Involved In CCSVI Rehabilitation?

The CCSVI Rehabilitation professionals are trained in vascular and neurological rehabilitation. They work to optimize the results obtained from Liberation treatment and to teach you exercises that will continue the recovery process at home.

If chosen, post-operative physiotherapy will consist of approximately 8 sessions designed to minimize post-operative stress generated by surgery, increase blood flow affected by CCSVI, and provide the best functional recovery. Each patient’s needs and condition are different, so therapy may vary.

The CCSVI rehabilitation therapy may include:

  • Evaluation before and after surgery
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Kinesiology respiratory techniques
  • Specific forms of electrotherapy
  • Adapted exercise
  • Mobilization techniques
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Multisensory assessment

CCSVI rehabilitation will have an average duration of between 60 and 75 minutes per appointment, in addition to activity prescribed for home. Appointments will be conducted daily at different times.