Results and Testimonials

What Have Been the CCSVI Liberation Results?

One of the most important aspects of traveling for a medical procedure is feeling secure in the destination, facilities, and company you are working with.  Costa Rica is a world class medical destination and a leader in medical tourism with thousands traveling every year for various procedures.  It is a safe and healthy country, with a people who are known for their genuine care for others, and most of our patients comment on how they miss it when they return.

Passport Medical has now sent nearly 500 people for CCSVI Liberation in Costa Rica, and is the only company to do so, as we started the program with the doctors.  We have been featured in over 50 local and national news programs and newspapers, and this number is growing daily.

We have compiled CCSVI liberation results and testimonials to look at.  A common theme in the following testimonials is the level of care, commitment, and skill of all personnel associated with the program:  the doctors, the physiotherapists (we have one of the few and definitely most extensive programs anywhere), the drivers, and support personnel:

Our results speak for themselves, and we are getting some of the most consistent patient improvements anywhere, in large part due to the thorough protocol the doctors are employing.  Our doctors are not only treating jugular and azygos veins, but vertebral veins as well.  If you wish to learn even more from patients directly, join the following Facebook group that now has over 1000 members.  This is a patient-driven site and is comprised of former patients and upcoming patients:!/group.php?gid=122332284473295&ref=ts.