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We would like to thank you for all your work in making our trip such a success.  We could not have gotten through this without you and yours.  We have only great memories including doctors, nurses, therapists, drivers, hotel workers, and the local people.  We were blown away by the white Kleenex crowd who not only were out there waving to us on our way to and from the hospital. they also sang happy birthday on our way and on our return, and they even had a gathering in the lobby with two birthday cakes.

We have only great memories including doctors, nurses, therapists, drivers, hotel workers, and the local people.

We understand the great feeling showing on their faces from being involved in such a life-changing procedure, but even that does not explain the kindness and attention they gave to the patients and their supporters.  Costa Ricans must be some of the friendliest people in the world; even the nurses and Passport Medical workers at the hospital brought her balloons and sang to her during her 24 hr. stay.   Shannon, Oscar, Luis, and the rest made us feel like their best friends.  Even the food at the hospital was a delight.  We met and got e-mail addresses from many patients, and there were three patients who live within a half hour of our home.

Sandy is doing fantastic.  As soon as she woke up she felt like that huge MS. blanket had been lifted off her and her exhaustion was gone.  She has improved in too many ways to list.  She dropped her pain medication by two-thirds the next day.  The pain has left her legs and feet, her balance is better, her eyesight has improved, she has stopped her bladder control medicine, and she’s not even napping anymore.  She feels like a new woman.

I have given your contact info out to a neighbour and plan to give it to our support club to whoever is interested.  If there is anything we can do for you in the future, please do not hesitate to ask.
We again pass on our heartfelt thanks!

Tom and Sandy

I feel like I am the ‘old’ Agnes again.  In fact, I am euphoric.  I’m not dragging my left foot and am walking like a model (slowly, and don’t laugh).  I don’t have bladder spasms.  I’m not fatigued but I do need a couple of hours of rest every day.  I’m not cold.

I feel like I am the ‘old’ Agnes again. In fact, I am euphoric.

I can carry a cup of coffee across a room without spilling it. I sleep through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom.  That is major!

Every day I have something else to brag about.  I am so thankful.

It does sound like an advertisement but it is my ‘heartfelt’ own words.  I feel like I am on drugs (of course, I don’t know what it feels like, but it is a good expression of my feelings).  I literally saw miracles.  One man was crying when he saw his wife on the treadmill running and not even hanging on.  One man arrived in a wheelchair and his left arm was hanging limp, and after the treatment, I saw him running towards me with his arms in the air. No, I am not a born-again Christian, and this is not faith healing.

San Jose, Costa Rica was ‘perfect’.  The doctors couldn’t be better, the hospital was the best, the hotel was very comfortable, the food – I put on 6 lbs – urgh!, and the physiotherapists incredible.  And the wonderful people that came in for the procedure, CCSVI, – when we all arrived we had a dark cloud hanging over us but you should have seen the sunshine after.  There is nothing more enlightening than HOPE.

Having chosen Passport Medical to arrange all of this for me is exceptional.  Their thoroughness and care came first for all the MSers. 

Thank you.

You may have missed all the accolades we sent you on Facebook, we aren’t good at FB so probably should have sent a personal message.  I reiterated our thanks to Passport Medical through Oscar in CR too.

We can’t thank you enough for everything from the moment we registered with you to go.  We are recommending you to everyone we meet.  Don has had many positive changes and continues to see improvements every day!  We couldn’t be happier for going to CR with your company.  Thanks again for everything!  Your company, the hotel, the hospital, and the staff in each place was totally helpful, caring, and amazing!

Thank you so very much!
Donna & Don

Christa is doing so well, you can’t imagine. She even walked down the stairs the other day and went grocery shopping for the first time in so very long.  She is definitely a poster child for LIBERATION.  This has been the most amazing thing I have ever seen or imagined. Each day this kid does better and better.

I am Liberation and Passport Medical’s biggest advocate now. Seeing is believing.

Lori and Christa

We have been home for one week now and so many of you have asked us to let them know about the results of her CCSVI procedure in Costa Rica, I thought it would be better to send the update by email, and I promise not to make it too long! I also know that many of you were asking because you have friends or family with MS and have heard about the Liberation Treatment.  We will direct you to the company that we went with, and we can’t praise their services enough. It’s sad and very frustrating that we can’t get this very simple angioplasty treatment here in Canada, but since we can’t we’re thankful we could get it for Diane at a very reputable and caring hospital in Costa Rica.

Results? Wonderful. Within an hour after coming out of the anesthesia, Diane was speaking properly again (her speech had gone downhill over the last year), and within a few days, her walking was vastly improved!  MS’ers from almost every province in Canada were there, many in wheelchairs, and we think everyone found it amazing how their bodies responded when their blood was finally flowing properly!

We stayed in a beautiful hotel on the outskirts of San Jose – next to a coffee finca, but were transported into the hospital for the pre-op exams, the procedure, and the post-op with the surgeon. The patients had incredible Rehab at the hotel given by two highly qualified physios, both in the hotel gym and in the pool – which was kept at a temperature perfect for the needs of the people with MS.   The goal of the physio workout was to make the brain and body work together again, something that had become impossible for many of the patients.

At the post-op appointment, Diane’s surgeon put his laptop on his desk and slipped in a disc that walked us through her procedure, pointing out where the blockages were and what balloons were used.  He then did another Doppler on her and found her blood flowing beautifully, and he also told her that she should see other changes over the next 2 or 3 months. This treatment isn’t considered a ‘cure’ for MS, but it does relieve symptoms, and right now who would want more than that?  Tonight, Diane actually showed off a little, jogging through the house and slipping in a few dance steps – very exciting stuff for us I must say.

The patients were treated at Hospital Clinica Biblica in San Jose, and we discovered quickly that, with all due respect to some Canadian hospitals, we may be the ones with third-world hospitals.  We were told by the neurologist who did Diane’s assessment when we arrived that Costa Rica hasn’t had a military since 1948, and hence has money for education and health. (would someone please tell that Mr. Harper!!). The place was antiseptically clean… sterilization stations between every 2 hospital rooms, and I watched as everyone, cleaners, nurses, and doctors used them before visiting the next room. The medical staff was very warm and caring and we put it down to the fact that they are Latin’s who are noted for their friendliness. Their warm hugs and head rubs were so appreciated by people who were in a different country for the first time and without too many familiars around.

Diane continues to improve, she’s been on blood thinners for a month and is back to her daily walking routines, and will start at the pool and gym in September to work on the pool exercises she learned in Costa Rica.

Canadian researchers are busy reinventing the wheel right now and promise to have the procedure ready in the next 2/3 years….but that could be too late for many Canadians with MS.

Diane and Rosemary

I wanted to take the time to write to you and first of all thank you for creating a unique medical service which helps so many people with MS get some relief, mobility, and basic function back in their lives.  From what I experienced in Costa Rica you have most definitely made a difference in this world and bless you for that.
I wanted to forward to you a basic review of what I saw and experienced from the standpoint of a non-MS person but definitely a supportive and caring family member (husband).

I saw it in the MS patients and the loved ones who accompanied them to Costa Rica. Zamboni’s discovery was like a ray of hope for sufferers worldwide. Were there now going to be a bunch of scams cropping up as a result of this?  Were MSers going to be preyed upon? Their desperate need for this to be real was evident worldwide. The community of understanding and support that developed quite naturally in Costa Rica as a result of Passport Medical’s service and efforts was inspiring. It even affected your partners and staff.  They too were moved by the positive hope and family atmosphere this group of clients created. They responded in very kind, caring ways. I have to tell you that all who I met connected with your service (hotel included) rose to the challenge and made the process a comfortable, safe, and loving one. Koodoos to you (Passport Medical) for putting together a great team.

From your transport and tourism group headed by Luis, with Daniella and the drivers, to Oscar, who in his quiet way lobbied and pushed for the best care of your clients, there was professionalism, care, and commitment for the MS patients, their needs, and their positive recovery.

I met the managers of international services for Clinic Biblica (the Cook boys) and they proved to be just as genuine and committed to this service as anyone. When it came time for direct input, they stepped up and put their hands on the situation to ensure comfort and control were evident to the clients. Again, good job guys. They are solid partners as is Luis. The Hotel and its staff are excellent! I can tell you this from experience. I grew up with a father who worked 20 years for Western International Hotels (building and running them). This hotel is managed and run with excellence and customer service was exceptional. The physio part of this service is one of your greatest assets. No other world CCSVI service offers this and to the surprise of most of us, no one could figure out why. How can this CCSVI procedure be offered without physio when one of the most common advantages is new and revived mobility? Some of your MS patients have not moved their limbs or balanced properly for years.

Properly managed and designed physio is the only logical treatment.  Your service is a complete one that shows standards above all others. I have had the unfortunate experience of having had to bring a major limb back to life as a result of a traumatic accident and know what physio is like (7 years of it). Your team from Clinic Biblica, Claudio, and Gabriela are world-class. The individual routines and recovery programs they create for each of your patients are carefully structured and implemented. What a find these two are and what a great facility right there at the hotel!!!

The hospital was incredible for us because it is like Kim’s home turf. We were greeted by two of your reps and carefully guided up to our room and transferred over to the hospital staff with the assurance that they are but a phone call away. The hospital staff were very attentive and proceeded with all the usual checks that Kim herself would have done which brought her comfort.

Kim is over the moon after having this procedure and you and your team have helped bring immense joy to her, me, our family, and her very large immediate family, and for that, I can’t thank you enough.

Please extend our gratitude to the tireless docs who are making such a difference, the hospital, the hotel, and most of all Luis and your entire team of special people who made our journey one that we will never forget.

From me personally thanks for giving the love of my life and my best friend a piece of her life back

With sincere gratitude.
Douglas and Kim

We are back from Costa Rica and had a wonderful time! Everything was wonderful, and everyone was a joy to get to know. I had 80% on my left side and 60% on my right side jugular that had to be done. For the first time in ten years, I woke up to no pressure in my head. They rubbed my feet and for the first time in about 6 years, I felt a tickle. I slept all night without my legs freaking out, and able to do more than I have in so long.

A week later at the falls I did all 1000 stairs down and 50 up.  It hurt my heart that some do not see the big picture of working in physio. I try to encourage as many as possible to do their physio and see the results.

It has been a real blessing to be a part of Passport Medical and I am sharing with others to go this route for themselves. I cannot thank all of you enough for what you have done for me. I know in time many more things will heal and each day will be a better one. If I can be of any help to you, just let me know. This has been a real joy and I look forward to what the future will bring to helping others.


I feel full of life again. I have my goal of being able to take some steps on dry land without a cane by December. They actually had me in the pool in Costa Rica, and I took my first steps in like 4 – 5 years in there. I had a physiotherapist on either side of me, but it was awesome. So many little things coming back too, like rolling over in bed, I always used to have to grab for the edge of the bed to pull myself over… I just rolled over like normal with the blanket on me and everything!

That still sounds really silly, but gotta start somewhere and I feel like I have a chance again.

Thank you so much,

I want to thank you for all your help.   I came back to Ottawa late last Saturday.  I am extremely happy with the results I already have.  I feel much stronger, my right knee is more stable, I have no spasms, my leg is not cold anymore, I can move my toes, and I can think more clearly and concentrate better.  I could swear my vision has improved too.  I can now easily type with both hands and I can hold a pen in my right hand!  I will work hard in physiotherapy for as long as it takes.

Also, I want to stress the fact that my experience in Costa Rica was made even more enjoyable thanks to the staff of Passport Medical and the physiotherapists at the hotel. Also, I met wonderful people who, like me, have MS but are hopeful and looking ahead with a positive attitude (how refreshing!). I met people with whom I will be in contact for a very long time.

I also only have wonderful things to say about the hospital staff and the various doctors I met.  I knew I was in good hands.  I am very happy I dealt with you guys at Passport Medical and I am also happy I went to Costa Rica for the procedure. This medical package cannot be compared to other ones.  We were taken care of from A to Z.

Thank you again.

Just letting you know that we really appreciate all the hard work you guys do to have us go down and have everything go without any problems.  All of our experiences and the people we met were amazing.  Luis and all his drivers were great!!  The hospital staff was great, especially Gloriana.  She definitely took great care of everyone and made our stay comfortable.  The hotel was amazing and all the staff were very friendly and courteous.  Dr. Fallas was the surgeon that operated on Clint.  He is an amazing man.  I call him now my new hero!!!

Donna and Clint

May I just say that your program in Costa Rica I found to be outstanding!  Everyone and I mean everyone we came into contact with from Passport Medical, the staff at the hospital, to the staff at the hotel went above and beyond as far as customer service and being accommodating goes.  It reminded us of what “customer service” SHOULD be all about.

The CCSVI Treatment and Physio are for healing the body…the rest of your program is for the soul! I have traveled much of the world, and I am usually a tough critic. You all at Passport Medical should be very proud of your product/service…keep up the great work.


Second day and so many positive changes in everyone here every day. Had our first therapy this morning and it went well also. One Gent in a scooter who says he could hardly walk last week almost ran to the edge of the pool and jumped in this morning, really great.

Martha and Dwayne

I am back from Costa Rica.  The trip was worth it.  My jugular veins blocked at 50% and a vertebral vein on the right side blocked at 30% were unblocked by Dr Guevera.  I feel good but have to rebuild the muscles in my legs.  The physiotherapist Claudio gave me a cd with exercises to do and I gave myself an appointment with a physiotherapist that will help me continue the exercises.  The trip you set up was really good (hotel, hospital, doctors, physiotherapists, nurses) I only have good things to say about it.

Thank you for all you are doing to help people with MS have a better quality of life.


I have been feeling great! Every day is different, there are days where I am tired, but like I say “who doesn’t have down days?”. You would not believe how many people are contacting me now to ask questions about the procedure, how I am, and how Costa Rica’s health care is. I am so happy I can be an informant now for others that are curious about the Liberation Treatment. I plan on moving to Costa Rica within 6 months to a year. I fell in love with that country!

I cannot thank the Passport Medical team enough for arranging this package for all of us. You gave us hope for the future and a better way of life!! I was diagnosed with PPMS in Costa Rica, a type that was drastically affecting my mobility. In a year’s time, I went from RRMS to PPMS. I was on a steep downhill slope. This procedure could not have come at a better time for me!


OMG,   Have I noticed improvements!!!!!!!!!!!  From the moment I returned to my hospital room, my daughter tickled the bottom of my foot and I felt it.  Every day since I’ve noticed something.  My improvements include warm feet and hands, the numbness is gone, and I feel everything now.

“Brain fog” is gone, the spring in the back of my neck, when I look down, is gone, my eyes are brighter, look more alive. Color has come back in my face.  My core body temp has decreased, and I can stand some heat again. (good thing too, because it has been hot here since I got home).  No headaches since before surgery. I actually sleep through the night now.  Bladder issues have improved by 90%. My energy levels have improved tremendously. My balance, well I’ll let you know at a later date.  Trying to find good physiotherapy here is proving to be a real job.  I think Costa Rica therapy spoiled it for me. I’m still searching though.   I just have to say Thank You All at Passport Medical.   You made this experience very easy and enjoyable.  You gave me a second chance at a normal life. I realize that I still have MS, but you’ve made it bearable.   I’ve been spreading your name all over, and telling everyone I know with MS to get in touch with you.    I hope to fill you in on my balance once I am walking again.  It will happen.


We wanted to let you know how great it was in Costa Rica. Everyone was so, so nice and so, so helpful.

Everyone from Passport Medical, the Drivers, the Restaurant Staff, the Front Desk Staff, the therapists, everyone was so nice. The hospital was so wonderful also. The doctor and the nurses were so great.

Also thank you so much for the very nice card when I got home. You sure have thought of everything to make this experience the best.

The operation went great, even though I got bruises.  I don’t need my wheelchair anymore. I use my cane. I do have a long road to strengthen my leg and arm muscles, but can’t wait till I walk on my own.

Thank you and everyone so much.

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