Medical Tourism in TurkeyMedical tourism is one of the fastest growing industries.  With the price of healthcare climbing steadily in the U.S, more Americans are becoming aware of the option of medical treatment abroad at extraordinarily lower prices.

Destinations such as Taiwan, Costa Rica, India, and more recently Turkey, attract millions of medical tourists every year. Most of the medical tourists are from US, Canada or the UK, the result of overburdened healthcare systems in these industrialized nations.

Receiving the best quality medical treatment combined with a relaxing and enjoyable vacation is a very appealing possibility. Medical vacations can be planned so that patients can receive treatment, enjoy the sightseeing, culture, and heritage of these countries, and still spend considerably less than they would in their own country for the medical costs alone.

Turkey welcomes millions of tourists every year, many of whom are now coming for medical purposes. The quality of the healthcare facilities in Turkey is at par if not surpassing that of American hospitals, and doctors are highly-trained and competent.  Medical treatment is available at extremely low-cost when compared with the U.S or the U.K, with almost no waiting period.

Friendly people and beautiful cities have made Turkey a popular location for tourists. The ability to travel to this breathtaking country—and receive low-cost medical care—is truly a remarkable opportunity.  Contact Passport Medical, North America’s leading medical tourism company, to plan your medical vacation in Turkey.