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U.S. citizens without insurance are turning to safe, affordable medical treatment in Mexico

As many as twenty-five million Americans are underinsured, and sixty-five million have no insurance at all. For those without adequate coverage, the necessity for medical care is an enormous financial burden on top of a situation that is already stressful emotionally.

As an affordable alternative, many Americans are traveling to other countries for medical care. Treatment abroad is usually substantially cheaper than in the United States, and patients are often pleasantly surprised by the high-quality and cleanliness of hospitals.   With its scenic beauty and rich culture as well as inexpensive medical care, Mexico has become one of the top choices for medical tourists.

The savings on medical treatment in Mexico are significant—for example, a knee replacement costs one third of what it would in the U.S, and weight-loss treatments such as a lap bands are available at half the price. Dental and cosmetic treatment can be as much as 75% off the cost in the United States. The amount saved on medical care is often so much that patients are able save thousands of dollars, even after paying for the expenses of travel.

Besides affordability, medical treatment in Mexico also has the benefit of proximity.  While other locations can be slightly less expensive then Mexico, patients may have to spend a fair amount of time in transit.  For the time-constrained medical tourist, Mexico is an excellent option as it is only a short flight away from the U.S, with flight times to Cancun only an hour and a half from Miami.

Medical tourists come to Mexico for bariatric, cosmetic, orthopedic and orthodontic surgeries every day, returning home satisfied with their treatment and relaxed from their vacation. As the leading medical tourism facilitator, Passport Medical ensures that patients have access to the best healthcare centers in Mexico, at the lowest possible prices. For more information regarding medical treatment in Mexico, Please contact Passport Medical, America’s leading medical tourism agency.