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CCSVI – Costa Rica

First theorized by Italian Dr. Paolo Zamboni, chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) is a theory that the drainage of the central nervous system, caused by stenoses or blockages in veins, may lead to reflux of iron rich blood to the brain and may play a role in the degeneration of the myelin sheath and in multiple sclerosis.  

The CCSVI Liberation treatment, as it has been dubbed, uses angioplasty to unblock veins and help restore normal blood flow. CCSVI – Costa Rica treatment has led to many profound improvements in patients with multiple sclerosis.  Post CCSVI – Costa Rica treatment, patients often report increased energy, a reduction in brain fog, increased warmth in limbs, a reduction in ‘pins and needle’ sensations, improved balance, improved bladder function, and some have even reported walking again after being confined to a wheelchair. 

Below is a video that was created by one of our patient’s relatives about the CCSVI – Costa Rica treatment program through Passport Medical and featuring some of our past patients and their experiences.

Passport Medical Offers Trusted CCSVI Treatment in Costa Rica

Passport Medical, one of North America’s largest and most trusted medical travel companies.  We have been responsible for the creation of several highly successful Liberation programs and have helped over 1500 people through the CCSVI – Costa Rica treatment process.   

We are here to assist you every step of the way.  Passport Medical, is a name you can trust for CCSVI treatment.

CCSVI – Costa Rica Treatment

CCSVI – Costa Rica treatment is probably the most comprehensive CCSVI treatment program in the world with over 1500 successfully treated patients. CCSVI – Costa Rica treatment is unique in that it is a ‘program’ which includes rehabilitation therapy from vascular and neurological rehabilitation specialists. In addition, the CCSVI – Costa Rica treatment program offers and is highly recommended a medical complications insurance policy for your peace of mind. The JCI accredited hospital Clinica Biblica is a private hospital providing the very best in CCSVI – Costa Rica treatment. The Globe and Mail commented on CCSVI – Costa Rica treatment that, “Experts look at the level of treatment offered here… and note that the treatment provided goes far beyond the simple outpatient care provided by most clinics”.

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