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This particular product is designed exclusively for facilitators involved in the field of Medical Tourism. Within the medical tourism industry, these facilitators, along with medical tourism agencies, play a vital role in assisting patients in obtaining exceptional medical services in México.

Insurance for Medical Tourism:

Countries such as Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina offer medical and dental procedures at significantly lower costs compared to a patient’s home country. Moreover, they often provide quicker responses to patients’ needs. With its appealing combination of a warm and welcoming culture, picturesque cities, beautiful beaches for recovery, and high-quality medical services, medical tourism holds great allure for both patients and companies within the industry. However, a concern emerges:

Addressing Medical Complications:

Every surgical procedure, regardless of its magnitude, carries inherent risks and the potential for additional expenses. Although surgeons and hospital staff take precautions to minimize complications, they can still arise due to a patient’s natural conditions. In the case of self-funded procedures, patients are also responsible for covering any additional expenses that may arise from complications. Hence, the importance of obtaining a comprehensive Medical Tourism Insurance Policy becomes equivalent to that of possessing a valid passport.

Our Medical Tourism Insurance Policy provides you with the peace of mind you rightly deserve. It safeguards you by covering the supplementary medical, hospital, and lodging expenses incurred due to any medical complications arising during a covered treatment. Furthermore, it offers the highest coverage limit among policies of its kind worldwide. As a result, it instills a sense of security in patients, hospitals, and doctors alike.

Highlighted below are some of the advantageous features offered by our policy:
  • Up to $50,000 USD coverage for a period of 12 months following the occurrence of a complication.
  • No deductible or coinsurance required.
  • Direct payment to a majority of hospitals and doctors in Latin America, distinguishing us from other companies that solely offer reimbursement-based coverage.
  • Our insurance underwriter maintains a physical presence throughout Latin America, ensuring immediate and localized assistance during critical moments.
  • Novamar Insurance and Zurich, the companies overseeing the claim process, employ bilingual staff members who make the process remarkably straightforward for both patients and doctors.
  • Fitch Ratings has accorded us an outstanding “A+” rating.

✔ Supplementary Medical Expenses
✔ Additional Medical Consultations
✔ Extra Travel Expenses
✔ Added Daily Hospital Room
✔ Accommodation and Plane Ticket for unscheduled visits to the Doctor within a 12-month period
✔ Daily expenses for Travel and Accommodation
✔ Trip Cancellation
✔ Trip Delay
✔ Travel Liability
✔ Accidental Death
✔ Lost Baggage
✔ Round-the-clock Travel Assistance

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