Costa Rica - A Medical Tourism Destination of Choice

Costa Rica attracts thousands of travelers from North America every year for the purpose of medical treatment. Already distinguished for its natural beauty and gorgeous milieu, it also has an outstanding healthcare system that is ranked above the U.S by the World Health Organization. With several JCI accredited hospitals and the world’s finest medical staff available round the clock, medical tourists from all over the world—especially North America—are visiting Costa Rica to receive safe and efficient safe medical tourism treatment at very affordable prices.

Safe Medical Tourism

Safe Medical tourism for orthopedic procedures is very common in Costa Rica. Doctors are dedicated towards providing efficient health care and many have been trained in the United States. Hospitals offer surgeries like knee and hip replacement, ligament reconstruction, as well as surgeries for meniscus tears and damaged cartilage. The procedures are done by the most competent surgeons and patient care is handled by a very helpful, courteous and caring medical staff.


Although the high-quality of medical care is certainly a draw, the main driving-factor behind safe medical tourism in Costa Rica is affordability. Medical tourists receive treatment at less than half the price when compared with the U.S, and with the guidance of medical tourism agencies like Passport Medical, quality healthcare provision is ensured.

Destination of Choice

For years, medical tourists have turned to Costa Rica for orthopedic, plastic and dental procedures and have returned home more than satisfied. For those desiring the highest quality medical care at an affordable price, Costa Rica is the destination of choice. For more details about Orthopedic and other safe medical tourism procedures in Costa Rica, please contact Passport Medical, One of America’s leading Medical tourism agencies.

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