An Alternative to Medical Insurance

With many struggling in the financial recession, having medical insurance has never been so important. Unfortunately, the number of people who are uninsured in the US is staggering—over 45 million. Those uninsured and requiring medical treatment have three options:  pay out-of-pocket, get a loan and accumulate interest, or travel abroad and receive the same treatment as in the United States for a fraction of the price.

Medical Tourism is an Option

Medical Tourism—the process of traveling abroad to receive more affordable medical care—has come as a much needed alternative to overpriced healthcare in the U.S.  As healthcare prices continue to rise, many Americans are becoming more open to the idea of traveling abroad to receive medical treatment.

Passport Medical International, Inc.

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High Quality of care in overseas hospitals

Those who visit hospitals overseas are often astounded by the high-quality of care they receive, and the advanced technology of facilities. Medical tourism not only offers affordable healthcare to the uninsured but the care provided meets international standards, often even exceeding healthcare in one’s own country. Taiwan, India, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico are just a few places offering medical treatment at par with European and US standards, for less than one third of the price. The cost of treatments in these countries including airfare and accommodation is still considerably less than the cost of treatment alone in the United States.

Medical tourism provides the uninsured with the healthcare they deserve, at a much more affordable price. For more information about affordable healthcare vacations contact Passport Medical, One of North America’s leading Medical Tourism agencies.

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