How to Travel Safely for Medical Care?

Rising cost of healthcare, negligible insurance coverage and long wait times has sparked a drastic increase in popularity of medical tourism over recent years.  However as with any medical procedure, one’s safety is an obvious concern.  Many are tempted by the affordability of medical treatment abroad—but  are the packages promoted by medical tourism agencies as safe as promised? Do the treatment modalities meet international standards?  Which of the numerous advertised medical tourism agencies are trustworthy and reliable? These are among the concerns addressed below, in our short guide to overseas medical travel.

Choosing the Right Medical Tourism Agency

The first step when researching treatment options available outside one’s home country entails choosing a medical tourism agency.  These agencies help to organize medical vacations and provide detailed information on various doctors and hospitals abroad.  Not only does this ensure patients are getting adequate information, but it also removes the stress which accompanies planning any trip.   One highly recommended medical tourism agency is Passport Medical. Passport Medial is an internationally recognized, world class, award-winning medical tourism agency helping patients seek safe medical options abroad.  Thousands of patients have already benefited from their services.

Obtaining the Relevant Information

It is necessary for patients to have all their queries answered before opting for surgery abroad. Are the hospitals JCI accredited?  Are the facilities provided by a particular hospital safe? Is the concerning physician qualified? What is the expected duration of stay post-operatively? Patients will have many questions before traveling abroad for medical treatment; a reliable medical tourism company will provide satisfactory answers so that the patient feels assured and confident before leaving for their trip.

Rechecking the Hospital’s Credentials

Independently research the hospitals selected by their agencies to ensure that they are JCI accredited hospitals following international standards.  JCI (Joint Commission International) is an organization originated in the USA and is the Gold-Standard for medical facilities.  JCI accreditation is assurance that the patient will be receiving the highest quality medical care, reviling or surpassing healthcare received in the United States.

Discussing with Healthcare Facilitators

All travel details can be discussed with healthcare facilitators, who then consult with patients about travel expenses and particulars, types of surgeries, expectations regarding outcome and other details.

Acknowledging the Risks Associated

It’s important to understand that there are inherent dangers in any medical treatment, no matter where it’s received. Similar risks pertain to overseas medical travel. However, a good medical tourism company will work diligently to ensure that patients face minimal risks while receiving the maximum benefit of choosing medical tourism.